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Bolivia protects copyright, through Law No. 1322 dated April 13, 1992, this law protects the rights of authors over their literary, artistic and scientific works, whatever the mode or form of expression used and whatever be your destiny.
Among the works that enjoy the protection of this legal norm are: Computer or computer programs (software or software), under specific regulations.
It is established that computer programs and databases will be protected as literary works, constituting intellectual works and forms of creative expression of the human intellect subject to protection in accordance with the provisions of Decision 351 of the Cartagena Agreement, the TRIPS of the World Organization of the Commerce, and the Berne Convention.
Among the services we offer are:
  •  Advice to national and foreign clients, film producers, actors, screenwriters, directors, writers and publishers.
  •  Presentation and Processing of Request for Literary Works, Musical Works, Cinematographic Works, Artistic Works, Projects, Software, Sculptures and Painting, etc.
  •  Infractions.
  •  Due diligence.

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