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It is the branch of Law that studies companies and their business activity. That is, the relationship of the company with its consumers and with competing companies. In addition, you can work in companies and state agencies.
The business activity aims to bring together the factors of production in an organized relationship determining how many of the factors of production must be used to comply with economic cycles.
The rules regarding the operation of the company are different and derive from the various categories of law that have been created over time, each one based on interpretative positions and with the aim of solving particular problems.
Among the services we offer are:
  • Constitution of Companies in Bolivia including procedures before the Ministry of Labor.
  • International trade: international bills of lading, bills of exchange, international freight agreements and documentary credits.
  • Commercial contracts, including distribution and license contracts, of
  • sale, leasing and warrant.
  • Defense of competition, both from approvals of economic concentrations and investigations for anti-competitive issues.
  • Unfair competition.
  • Product liability and consumer protection.
  • Unfair practices in international trade, including dumping claims.
  • Anti-dumping investigations.
  • Import certificates and import license procedures.
  • Regulations on international trade in services.
  • Rules of origin.
  • Rules on customs valuation.

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