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Unfair competition is the practice contrary to honest practices in matters of industry and commerce. It refers to all those activities of dubious honesty (without necessarily committing a crime of fraud) that a manufacturer or seller can carry out to increase their market share or eliminate competition.
Some unfair competition practices are:
  • Price dumping, that is, selling at a price lower than the cost of the product.
  • Deception in making buyers believe that the product has a different price than the real one.
  • Denigration by spreading false information about the products of the
  • competitors, or publish non-relevant comparatives.
  • Confusion when looking to look like a competitor so that the consumer buys your products instead of the competitor's. It is very common to use similar marks or designs for this.
  • Diversion of customers and exploitation of the reputation of others are other types of acts of unfair competition.
Among the services we offer are:
  • Advertising and comparative advertising.
  • Defense of competition.
  • Product liability and consumer protection.
  • Unfair practices in international trade.
  • Claims for dumping.

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